Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Legend of the Inero Dragon by JF Jenkins

I have really enjoyed this series of Dragon books by J.F. Jenkins.  The world created by Jenkins is beautiful fantasy world. Having read the Legend of the Oceina Dragon first, I was eager to dive into the Legend of the Inero Dragon.  This story introduces the Fire Dragons and their culture.  After reading the Oceina book, I expected the Inero Dragons to be selfish, power hungry, and bloodthirsty.  However, Jenkins introduces us to Jason and Matthius, a pair of identical twins, who are favored sons of the Dragon Lord Lynx.  The story begins by introducing the reading to a couple of girls, Kat and Gwen, being chosen for the Elite.  The Elite are taken from their families and lined up in an impersonal ceremony to be chosen as a wife of a dragon.  Kat and Matt were previously best friends and eager to become mated.  Matt is the favorite son and highly involved in the dragon politics.  Kat is insecure and becomes pregnant quickly. Matt is asked to do take an leading role in the beginning of a war among the dragon tribes.
Jason seems more calm and laid back than his twin Matt.  He picks Gwen by looking into her eyes for her soul.  He is so attentive and insists on taking the time to build a relationship between himself and Gwen.  Gwen feels very out of place as a wife of an important dragon who is expected to lay about a pool and gossip.  I loved Gwen and identified with her immediately and rooted for her and Jason to fall in love.  Kat and Matt were an adorable couple before they mated but as they changed I wasn't as sure about them.  I really felt Kat's uncertainty.  I wanted there to be a villian after reading the Ociena book--I really wanted to dislike Matt or Lynx.  While, I disliked the turn the story took near the end(I don't want to spoil), it was only because I wanted to root for Jason and Gwen.  In the end, I was left uncertain of who was good and who was evil and out for selfish gain.  The only reason I rated 4 stars is this wasn't as much of romantic story for me and I throroughly enjoyed Oceina more than this one.  This book was the other side of the story and takes place simultaneously as the Oceina book.  I highly recommend these books for anyone who enjoys paranormal shifter stories especially dragon lovers. 

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