Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Defiance (Significance 3) by Shelly Crane

Ever get a book and can't wait to read it and never want it to end?  This is that book.  The Significance Series by Shelly Crane is my all time favorite series.  It is a beautiful series about finding your one significant soul mate with a paranormal twist.  Defiance is the third installment which takes place at the reunification celebration outside of London.  This is a gathering of the Virtuoso where they meet from all over the world.  Imprints are coming back which means this celebration is also an opportunity to meet your significant.
Maggie immediately becomes the focus as the new Visionary.  If the Virtuoso is not bowing and kissing her hand, they are jealous or frightened of her power.  The Council led by Donald Watson begins to impose the laws that are out of date.  Because they want no hanky panky before marriage they charm Maggie's room and send her and Caleb into withdrawals overnight.  Caleb is also taken to a cell for killing the Watson's at his Dad's house even though it was self defense.  Maggie is forced by the circumstances to take charge in her own destiny and become a ruler.  While Maggie doesn't want this, she realizes that if she doesn't other's like the Watsons will continue struggle for the power.
This book reveals many secrets such as the life of the previous Visionary, new significants, and Maggie's true father.  I absolutely recommend this whole series and if you haven't read them you are really missing out.  The whole soulmate significant world that Shelly Crane has created is sexy and romantic. This is a really hard book to review because I really don't feel anything I say can do it justice and I also don't want to spoil the story.

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