Thursday, March 8, 2012

Noah by Elizabeth Reyes (5th Street 1)

Noah is the beginning of a new romantic series from Elizabeth Reyes centered on a small rustic gym called 5th Street.  When Veronica is dragged into the 5th St. Gym by her best friend Nellie, she is at least 40 lbs overweight and depressed from her mother's long sickness and subsequent death.  Having hid in her house and let herself go, Roni is anything but confident and certainly not who Noah wanted to train.  Noah, a 20 year old trainer/boxer, finally gets his shot at training through the gym and his first clients are Roni and Nellie.  Even though Noah feels he is taking it easy on Roni, she fully intends to never come back.  However, Nellie makes Roni promise to follow through with her training and pull herself out of her depression.  What Roni doesn't count on is the close friendship and attraction that develops between her and Noah.  Roni refuses to entertain anything but a friendship with Noah because she is 8 years his senior.  She feels as a 20 year old he is not ready for a relationship and needs to enjoy sowing his wild oats.  Noah is an orphan who has had to grow up fast and mature through his experiences in the foster care system.  What develops is a toe tingling anticipation of a building relationship forged through friendship.
Nobody writes Alpha Males quite like Elizabeth Reyes.  Noah develops the same posessive stare that declares Roni off the market to his fellow Gym members.  Soon, Noah moves into Roni's house as a roommate which quickly ups the intimacy between him and Roni.  One of the sexiest things in a romance is when a male character is in love and will stop at nothing to get his girl.  Noah decides Roni is his girl and is determined to make her see that age is an illusion.  I can't wait for Gio's book, the next in this series.  Reyes has developed a loveable and sexy cast of characters that I can't wait to see in future books.  If you love Noah, definitely check out the Moreno series!!!  There is something about those Moreno men.

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