Saturday, September 1, 2012

Measuring Up by Nyrae Dawn

Anabel is sick of the 'in' crowd at her highschool teasing her abut her weight.  Her own mother is so highly critical of her that she feels she will never be able to please her.  Her father is overly supportative and wants to make things easier for her. Anabel is so sick of it all that she finally decides to join a gym but goes to the otherside of town where noone will know her.  Outside the gym she battles self doubts and isn't sure she can actually go in when she meets the gorgeous Tegan.  Tegan is the picture perfect "gym boy" and Anabel is sure he is just trying to be nice.  Then Tegan's family shows up and Tegan's little brother Timmer needs help getting into his electric wheelchair.  Anabel steps up to help Tegan lift out of the van.  Tegan has a protective shell build around his famiy yet cannot help but talk to Anabel as they get to know each other while working out together.  Tegan begins to give hints about his attraction to Anabel.  But she is sure he couldn't want a fat girl like him
The writing is beautiful and speaks to that little girl devil inside of all women who hate something about themselves.  Although there is a romance the story, the real shining point of the plot is to learn how to be enough for yourself and not anyone else.  Every woman should read this book.  Ms. Nyrae had a way of climbing into my head and making me Aanbel.  Tegan is attracted to Anabel but loves her soul and the way she looks now.  Ms. Dawn writes a book that is a must read for every woman that thought about changing just that one thin.

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