Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blood Twist by Bonnie Wheeler (Erris Coven 2)

The highly anticipated second book in the Erris Coven series, Blood Twist delivers all the romance and action of it's predecessor Fate Fixed.  Continuing the series, Liz has come to Erris to find out why her best friend Lexie hasn't called or emailed for months.  Once she arrives she walks in on the aftermath of Alik's challenge for power in Lexie's basement.  Braden finds her in the middle of the bloody chaos and immediately admires how she handles the shock that werewolves and dhampirs are real.  Liz is drawn to Braden but feels he isn't her type at all so she doesn't give much thought to him other than to admire his physique.  Braden can't seem to stop watching Liz with his family.  He finds the way she brazenly handles her self as fascinating.  With Ruby, Lexie's Mom, infected and rejecting the werewolf virus, Liz promises herself that she will find the cure. Ruby was the closest thing to a real mom that Liz has ever known.  She is determined not to fail no matter what it takes.  Braden claims he has a lead in Europe to track down a cure and Liz is insistant that she go with him.  Once they begin their quest to find the cure, Braden's secrets begin to come to the surface.  Their search leads them into the heart of a dangerous draghur nest. 
I was so excited to finally get to read more about the Erris Coven.  I loved being able to still know how Lexie and Torin were doing as well as the rest of the family.  Braden was a sexy hot guy with deep secrets.  These secrets drive the quest for the cure.  Liz is a wonderful girl who speaks her mind and takes charge without being overpowering.  The chemistry between Braden and Liz sparks like lightening flashing through the reader's veins.  As with the first novel, Blood Twist has a mysterious entity that you will keep you guessing the outcome.  Not often am I kept quessing about the outcome of a book but Mrs. Wheeler is a master of intrique and action.  I never quite knew what was coming next.  The unpredictability kept me reading long into the night.  The soulmate connection is there again drawing the reader in with heart pounding action and making you root for a happily ever after.  Braden and Liz's connection is unique from Torin and Lexie's keeping the romance fresh and new.  The excellent storytelling has me waiting on a sequel.  I can't wait to find out what is next for the Erris Coven and the heart-throb's Cian and Teagan.  I highly recommend the series for anyone who loves the paranormal romance genre. 

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