Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unlikely Allies by Tiffany King

What would you do if you find out your mother lied to you, your whole life?  Kimberly's Mom confesses that now that she is 18, Kimberly's father is alive but doesn't know of her existence.  Rick, Kimberly's father, runs a camp for foster kids in the Colorado Mountains.  Being a California girl, Kimberly's idea of a day outdoors, involves the beach not hiking, sleeping in cabins, and freezing in the cool Co. temps.  Kimberly is immediately thrown into being a counselor at the camp meeting some great new friends.  Rick has 'adopted' Mason as a foster son when he came to the camp and when Kimberly meets him the sparks fly.  Kimberly can't figure out why Mason is so critical of her.  Mason seems to resent her very presence at the camp and never fails to let her know it.  As the weeks go one, Kimberly earns the respect of her fellow counselors and breaks through the tough skin of some of the campers.  When one of her campers goes missing, Kimberly and Mason must come together to search the trails.  In the pouring rain, on the most difficult trail, Kimberly and Mason must depend on each other to survive  an accident that almost takes their lives.
I loved this book.  Tiffany King writes great romances so I knew without a doubt that I would love anything she writes.  Something about love/hate relationships that I really enjoy and usually lend a special spark to the romance. Kimberly is a great character who is thrown into an ackward situation by her mother's lies.  I am not sure I could be as forgiving.  Kimberly throws herself into embracing Rick and being open to his camp.  She shows a maturity in dealing with the unusual situation and even an extrodinary patience with Mason who flat-out just provokes her.  Mason is a "greek god" who shows a deep caring heart to everyone but Kimberly.  I kept thinking he was just jealous of her place as Rick's real daughter but the truth had me reading on and on.  This is a real in depth story with many great characters that lend a real true nature to the story other than the romance that is the central theme.  The summary really can't do this book justice without spoiling some of the story so the only thing I have left to say is READ this book.

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