Sunday, September 2, 2012

Freeing Carter by Nyrae Dawn

The story opens with Carter responsibly helping his drunk mother into bed.  Freeing Carter is a real look into the relationships in a family affected by alcoholism.  Carter is a star point guard for his high school, has a hot girlfriend, and an alcoholic Mom.  Carter goes through some classic enabler feelings as he tries to protect his 6yo sister with Down't Syndrome.  Then Kiera enters Carter's life with an understanding and insight into his life that he keep guarded from everyone.  Kiera is a beautiful person changing styles from day to day and treating Carter's sister with great respect.  With Kiera's help, Carter begins to face his situation with strength rarely seen in someone his age.
If you haven't read a Nyrae Dawn book yet, I highly recommend them.  I have read all of her books and love the prospective of the guys point of view.  She gives you insight in the male psyche of young men who are respectful and have an inner strength.  The romance sweetly builds and becomes a beautiful rainbow of emotions.  Her books are grounded in reality and fleshed out characters that entice the reader to not want to stop reading.

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