Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eden by Jamie McGuire (Providence 3)

Eden is the thrilling conclusion to the Providence trilogy.  It begins where Requiem left off with Nina and Jared's wedding.  Jared, again, proves he is an astute listener and makes arrangements to have Nina's perfect wedding.  They get to spend a week on their island without the fear and outside world touching them.  Once they are back in Providence, things immediately go from zero to sixty.  Nina tries to fit back into her role at Titan but must run for her life after an accident.  The demons want to prevent Jared and Nina's child from being born.  They begin to shell humans which is like a temporary take over physically that leaves humans with no memory of their actions.  Because any human can be shelled, they are in danger no matter where they go.  Jared is desperately searching for a solution to keep Nina and their child safe.  The ending is huge.
Eden played in my mind like a good action flick that never stopped.  I loved Jared and Nina's wedding and their bliss of the pregnancy.  This book kept me reading late into the evening and neglected the world around me.  I was happy with the ending and believe this series will be on the keeper shelf.  Bex continued to be a favorite of mine and I would love for a side story on him.  I wonder who he will love and who is Taleh will be.  *hint,hint Mrs. McGuire ;)

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