Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silver Moon By Rebecca A. Rogers

Silver Moon is full of mystery.  Candra Lawton is moved to East Hartford to live with Aunt Beth and Uncle Randy.  Candra is a rebel of a student and has a perchance for trouble.  This actually makes me like her all the more.  It is departure from the candy coated heroines that are so good and always do the right thing.  Candra is gritty and questions everything from what everyone is hiding to whether her love interest is sincere.  What was nice was that Candra didn't take the secrets sitting down and bemoan her fate, she investigates which quite often gets her in trouble. 
When she first moves in, Chandra starts to attend High School and is the new student that is ostracized for no reason.  He only friends are a couple by the name of Jana and Blake.  She also meets the Conways a family who dabbles in dark magic and are a clan with a grudge so deep that the Lawtons are mortal enemies.  Cameron and Ethan are the hench men of the family and are continually threatening and stalking her because of the bad blood.  But Ben Conway is something more, he seems to like her and Candra is drawn to him.  He begins to pick her up to drive her to and from school.  No one in the town likes the fact that they are hanging out.  Ben is continually in trouble with his brothers for even talking to her and she gets shunned by her supposed friends who are looking out for her.  Chandra is not duped but wants to use Ben to end the fued.  Ben suggests they talk with his mother and wants to help also.  But then everything goes wrong.  Chandra ends up in the hosptial.  Ben and Chandra decide that they can't be together even though they want to.  I have a feeling this will not be the end of them by any means. 
The only issues I had with Silver Moon is that everything felt over dramatc for me.  I don't know if it was because I didn't quite understand what the big deal is with Candra.  It still seems like there is something special about her that we do not yet know.  But the book doesn't necessarily hint that there is more to it.  Also, Ben and Chandra could have been explored a little more and although I in no way believe it is over between them.  I would have liked to see more romance.  But it was also refreshing that Chandra didn't lose herself and insist on true love with Ben.  I found Chandra a very strong self sufficient girl.  She doesn't fall all the way for Ben because part of her still doesn't trust him. She isn't like Twilight's Bella who falls deep in love and is only motivated about being with her boyfriend.  I am not even sure you would call Ben a boyfriend.
Some of the dream visions were confusing and black magic didn't seem to adequately explain it.  It is almost like there are so many beginnings of stories in this book and not enough tying together for me.  I am looking forward to reading the next book hoping that it will become clear. 
Chandra is a werewolf who will turn for the first time on her 18th birthday and inherit a power that has yet to reveal itself.  The Conways want to take her power to combine with theirs to make them more powerful.  The book ends with Chandra just trying to stay safe until she is 18.

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