Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Marked Son by Shea Berkley

It isn't often that you get to read a book and be taken on a journey that is so fantastic and unique.  I didn't know what to expect with this book because the synopsis didn't really give me a feel for the the category this book would fit in: vampires, fey, etc.  I know understand that this book doesn't fit in any category and sort of in all of them.  The story is fresh and unique and I didn't want to put it down.  Although this isn't really a fey book, I enjoyed this book like the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa.  Both books are full of wonderful rich descriptions of a world and has a story line that is unpredictable and a joy to read. 
This book starts with alternating points of view from Dylan in the Northwest and Kera in the mysterious land of Teag.  Dylan and Kera have visited each others dreams for years.  It isn't until Dylan is left at his Grandparents house by his deadbeat mother that he sees Kera.  Then strange things begin to happen to his grandfather's sheep and farm.  Dylan discovers the wall that seperates this world from Teag.  Kera and Dylan meet when Kera is drawn the surge of power that surrounds Dylan.  Dylan discovers powers that have always been apart of him because his tie to Teag.  Kera is sure that Dylan is the one who can not only save Teag from the evil greedy Navar but also her soul mate. 
The chemistry between Kera and Dylan is powerful and makes your heart swell with the love between them.  The world of Teag is a wonderful fantasy that is full of magical creatures and rich characters.  Navar is a greedy evil man that is power hungry and will go to any length to seize power over the realm of Teag. Teag is also having a genocide under the strong fist of Navar who has declared that halfbreeds are an abomination and will be killed on sight.  Firsts are the pure bloods of Teag who have fey like characteristics and cannot lie.  Half bloods can lie and therefore, fear of being decieved by them is what insights the mistrust and fear. There are so many layers to this story that it takes many unpredicatable twists and turns. 
I found the story about the Firsts not being able to lie really interesting as that I could understand how much better the world would be.  But doesn't it show more character to choose not to lie and be able to than to not lie because you are unable.  Dylan's heart is good and loyal and not full of deceit.  Navar is a far more evil alternative yet he is a First and therefore Teag citizens are much more loyal just because of his blood.  It is an interesting commentary on prejudice.
I would recommend this to readers who love fantasy, fey novels and YA romance.  It truly is a cross catergory book and hard to pinpoint.  Also, recommended to those who enjoy the Iron Fey series as this is a wonderful world and unpredicable story.

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