Thursday, July 7, 2011

Indie Authors

I don't know what it is--Maybe the ebook revolution and the Nook I got for Christmas but I love Indie Authors.  I know I am in a bit of a reading slump as life is getting in the way of my reading time.  But while watching my mindless TV at night, I find myself trolling GoodReads or Amazons for Free and new books.  This has opened a whole new world for me.  Although, I just keep making my "my to-read" shelf bigger, I can't stop finding the hidden gems of new and independent authors. 

I think the first ebook I downloaded was the now famous indie, Amanda Hocking.  The Blood Approves series was my first devouring of ebooks and indie's.  I was in love.  I couldn't believe how wonderful the story was yet wasn't really "published" in the conventional sense.  How could this be?  I followed up with the innovative Trylle Trilogy which was not only fresh but surprising in it's uniqueness.  Now I have found, T. R. Graves Warriors of the Cross which seems to be taking off too.  Such innovative stories make me feel like I have found treasures that world needs to discover.  I applaud the new trend of e-publishing and being able to talk to authors through twitter, facebook, and goodreads.  Being able to express my excitement with the writers, adds a new way to read and enjoy books. 

The reason I named this blog "My Reading Realm" is reading has always been an escape for me.  A good book allows me to be someone else, go somewhere else, and vacation from life without ever leaving my chair.  This blog is mainly for myself to track my thoughts on books but to write true reviews that can somehow give back to the authors who bring such wonder and enjoyment.  Writing reviews for new authors is an unforseen joy I never though about.  Although I am a loyalist who will devour anything and everything by an author, I can't help but continue the search for new books and authors.

I also hope that fellow readers will tone down the snarkiness with reviews.  Honestly, I don't think I have read a book I really haven't liked.  I think I just don't finish the book if I have a hard time getting immersed in the story.  I also only read books I choose.  I admit it--I never really read those assigned books in High School as it rankled me to have to read an assigned book when there was so much I wanted to read.  Maybe this is why I never have to give poor rating or maybe I just always find the good elements of a story.  I really hate the way some people are so judgemental of a work that is essentially art.  If you start reading and you don't like it stop and move on, but don't create a book assination on GoodReads or your blog.  I read blogs and reviews to judge elements of the story and find more about the storyline before deciding if it makes my to read shelf.  Snarkiness is just ugly. For me, I am just a reader who loves a good story and wants to share my excitement of finding a hidden Gem in the landscape of literature.   Life is too short to read bad books. 

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  1. It is amazing how closely aligned you and I are. Check out my blog (, and you'll see my ending comments are real similar to yours. Have a good weekend.