Monday, July 25, 2011

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

I picked up this book because I keep seeing quotes of the new book on FB and was very intriqued.  I haven't read a lot of angels and demons books but this was a very interesting and unique story.  The story switches between Luc and Frannie's point of view.  As good church kid, I always though I would pick the angel and though Gabriel is beautiful and described as summer snow, I honestly didn't feel the connection with him.  Luc, however had me at hello!  Luc is a demon sent to 'tag' Frannie's soul for Hell.  He isn't sure why or who at first but knows that two previous lesser demons failed on this mission.  As soon as he enrolls in Haden high, he runs into Frannie and lust begins. Frannie is a strong heroine who is a part of such a religious family that her and 4 sisters are all named "Mary ..." like she is Mary Francis, Mary Margaret, Mary Grace, and Mary Katherine.  She however has deep seated issues with religion which stem from the death of her twin brother.  She was kicked out of Catholic School for questioning the exsistence of God.  Just as Luc begins to get to know her, Gabrial her Gaurdian Angel also shows up to try and 'tag' her for heaven.  Luc must get Frannie to commit a series of sins such as lust and starts with different approaches.  The interesting thing is that Luc begins to change.  He falls in love with Frannie which should be impossible for a Demon who cannot feel real feeling let alone Love.  Frannie is also gifted with "sight" and "sway" which make her invaluable to both sides.  The story is one that you must suspend your ability to rationalize these real events--I mean if you are already reading about real demons and angels struggling over a soul then why can't Frannie have these abilities.  The story seems to be an impossible:  A Demon who will draw the legions of Hell to him who is love with his mark.  If he acts on his love, he pretty much will succeed but now doesn't want to.  But if Luc doesn't he will be thrown into the fiery pit.  Frannie must choose between Luc and Gabriel.  If she goes with her heart she will cause other one to be suffer the consequences.  Gabriel also feels for Frannie but cannot act on it or her fails because that wouldn't keep her soul pure.  I loved the ending and will definitely be reading the sequel.

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