Monday, June 4, 2012

Pushing the Limit by Katie McGarry

Echo Emmerson is crazy, at least that's what all her peers whisper when the walks down the hallway.  She is labeled a cutter because of the scars lacing up and down her arms.  Echo had once had it all: a popular basketball stud boyfriend, the popular lunch table, and Dance team.  But all that shattered 2 years ago in an event that she cannot even remember, her memory a black hole.  The story opens as she is being a part of new theraputic program at school with a new counselor, Ms. Collins. 
Noah Hutchinson was a basketball star and honor student until the night a fire killed his parents and ripped his little brothers away from him to put him in a foster care system that fails him at every turn.  Noah also becomes a patient of Ms. Collins and wants nothing more than to find out who his brothers foster parents are so that he can hope to gain custody of his brothers by proving they are an unfit placement like so many of his homes. 
Echo and Noah meet when Ms. Collins sets up tutoring between the overachieving Echo and the seriously slacking Noah.  They immediately dislike each other until they realize they have more in common than they thought.  Drawn together by tramatic secrets in a goal to steal information that will lead them to the answers they so desperately want. 
I loved this book!!! The story is so multilayered with well fleshed out characters that brought on a roller coaster of emotions.  Noah was the bad boy who had a heart of gold.  He is definitely my latest book crush.  He falls for not only Echo's beauty but her bravery for being able to try for normal.  This book is definitely going on my keeper shelf for re-reading.  Although a completely original story, I was reminded of the emotional romances of "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McQuire and "Slammed" by Coleen Hoover.  Don't miss what is sure to be the next bestselling YA Romance.

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