Friday, June 15, 2012

Almost by Anne Eliot

Jess Jordan was 'almost' raped her freshman year of high school because of on poor decision to sneak out to a senior party.  Since then, she has nightmares, doesn't sleep, and is almost normal.  Jess has perfected the bitch persona to keep others away from getting to know how crazy she really is.  Her ticket to a normal life and going off to college is an intership at  Only she isn't the only person up for the position. Gray Porter is also a canidate.  Gray has secrets of his own--Jess's parents warned him to stay away from her after the horrible almost crime.  But the two came face to face at the interview.  Jess, being certain that Gray will win the internship and her effort to appear almost normal, desperately proposes an outrageous bargin where Gray will pretend to be her boyfriend and hang out with Jess this summer so that she can get normal points and apply to colleges.  However, they decide to lie to her parents about his identity to keep her parents from asking too many questions.  Gray feels like he has to agree because he owes Jess because he wasn't able to help her when she needed it. 
I really enjoyed this story.  Gray was adorable, sweet, and honorable.  He was brave enough to stand up for what he believes in and stand by Jess.  This story is about the trauma that can remain even if you end up being 'a very lucky girl'.  Jess can't remember and therefore tries to shut all her flashes and feeling out to keep her sanity.  She believes if she knows what really happends then she will just go crazy for real.  This was a great book for such a cheap price.  Definitely a recommended read.

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