Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thicker than Water (Briar Creek Vampires 2) by Jayme Morse and Jody Morse

I was so glad to be able to read Thicker than Water right after finishing Kiss of Death.  I actually liked this book better than the first.  This one was 602 pages and felt less hurried than the first one. If you haven't read the first book, stop reading right now and go read it as I am going to try not to spoil but because the story picks up after quite a cliffhanger in the first book, it will have to be given away a little bit.

At the beginning, Lexi is having a dreamlike experience where she sees her Mom and Austin.  Both have been issuing clues and warnings.  Lexi wakes in the hospital and pretends she has amnesia about the events leading up to the accident.  She hides her true feelings about Dan but also tries to avoid dating him anymore.  Her Aunt and Uncle seem to treat Lexi better immediately after the accident.  However, her aunt insists that Lexi goes right back to work which seems strange but then Violet is a total wack-job.  Gabe is missing from the accident scene and although Lexi is glad he's alive she can't help but feel he tried to kill her.  She begins getting helpful hints from an anonymous friend.  Lexi knows about Gabe being a vampire and suspects others but this book begins to unravel the secrets of Briar Creek. 
Dan is still around and Lexi tries to avoid him.  Aunt Violet insists that Dan drive Lexi to and from school.  Everyone at school wants to be her friend and talk about the accident.  All the guys she meets seem fascinated with her and ask her out.  Lexi is wary of everyone and her instinct tells her that they are lying.  She is alone and has no one she can trust.  The story continues to build until Halloween Night. 
Gabe reappears and is shocked to find Lexi lived through the crash.  Lexi immediately confronts him.  Gabe is in hiding from the rest of Briar Creek and he has to be careful about anyone seeing him.  He manages to meet with Lexi and most of the story unravels thanks to Gabe.
Thicker than Water has me sold.  I enjoyed Kiss of Death but loved this one.  I can't wait for the next one.  The Morse Sisters do have a wicked sense of a good cliffhanger which leaves you immediately wanting the next installment.  This is an awesome series and I can't wait to read more.

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