Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kiss of Death (The Briar Creek Vampires 1) by Jayme Morse and Jody Morse

I found Kiss of Death as an Amazon Suggestion. The synopsis looked interesting and I admit it the cover is pretty. The story drew me in immediately and had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing which is hard to do.  The only reason I didn't give this five stars was because certain parts of the story felt like they happened too quickly such as parts of the romance. But I would recommend this for anyone who likes vampire romance with mysterious storylines.
Lexi Hunter and her Mom come home to Briar Creek after years away for Lexi's cousin, Austin's wake.  Austin was supposedly killed by a wild animal to Lexi this just doesn't add up.  As her Mom and her stay with her Aunt Violet and Uncle Tommy, Lexi asks around about Austin's death.  Everyone in Briar Creek is odd and there are so many secrets that keep you glued to the book.  Dan, Austin's best friend, shows interest in Lexi but so does the mysterious Gabe from across the street. On the night before, Lexi and her Mom as planning to go home, Lexi gets attacked and Lexi's Mom is killed.  The autopsy says that Lexi's Mom died from E.Coli but since she was a vegetarian, Lexi is sure her Mom was murdered.  Her Aunt and Uncle become her Gaurdians and become very controlling.  Lexi is frustrated by her Aunt's lies and insistance that she date Dan.  Although she likes Dan, Lexi feels swept away by Gabe who her aunt forbids her to see.  Gabe and Lexi still manage to connect here and there but to me it seemed as though Lexi just suddenly climbs in his lap and is all over him.  Dan is very creepy to me and the fact that her Aunt makes her date him made me root for Gabe.  But you can never really tell who is on Lexi's side.  Aunt Violet continues to control Lexi's life by grounding her, not turning on her internet, shutting off her cell phone, and forcing her to work and give them all her money. 
I really don't want to give too much away except this is an excellent read and be sure to buy the next book, Thicker than Water because there is a heck of a cliffhanger.  I was glad to be able to go on.

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