Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Marked (Delacroix Academy 2) by Inara Scott

The Marked continues the story of Dancia and her fellow students at the Delacroix Academy.  The book opens with Dancia pledging into THE PROGRAM.  Dancia has an earth talent which is rare and will begin her training early due to events that happened near the end of the first book, The Canidates.  On one hand, Dancia is relieved to be in on the secret at Delacroix but totally unprepared for how to keep the it from her friends.  Dancia is a very strong level 3 talent that works on the forces of gravity and begins to train in her focus classes.  Dancia and Cam can finally begin dating in public since Cam will no longer be her Watcher. 
Dancia thought things would get easier but instead keeping secrets is eating at her.  She had to hide her bruises and injuries from training.  She also finds that Delacroix hasn't given up all it's secrets yet.  Not only is there an opposing sect of talents called the Irin but the violence keeps escalating and so does her training. 
The Marked is a roller coaster ride of action and emotion.  Dancia is falling in love with Cam but still feels a certain loyality to Jack.  Jack stays in contact with her even though they are on opposing sides.  Dancia knows something is rotten in The Program but isn't sure to trust.  Cam is so embedded into the team that he won't believe anything is amiss. 
I love the Delacroix series.  From the very first word, I am drawn into the story and rooting for Dancia to uncover all the mysteries.  In Book 2, Dancia begins to understand and come into her own power.  It was nice to see her transform from the ackward young girl into a confident young woman.  She also develops a sense of her confidence in her decisions.  She works out her loyalties and stands on her own convictions.  I would highly recommend this to any fans of the paranormal YA Romance.

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