Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Shapeshifter's Secret by Heather Ostler

Cheyenne has an overprotective father who has been keeping her in the dark about who she really is and where she is from.  About the same time Caleb, a mysterious new student, starts at her high school, Cheyenne's dad, Lancer puts bars on her window.  Cheyenne has also been having a hard time controlling her anger and has a meltdown in front of her class.  After running out of school, she loses herself in a nearby park and faints.  Caleb is the last person she sees.  When she wakes up, Lancer, his best friend Liam, and Caleb sit her down and explain that she is a were-cat from the world of Ossai only reachable through hidden portals throughout our world.  Not only that but, Lancer is from a royal line of were-cats.  But their are many enemies who want Cheyenne dead as a way to gain ruling power in Ossai.  Because of this treat, Lancer has hidden Cheyenne in our world with only his trusted friends to help guard her.  But now that the evil Guild has found them, Lancer decides that it would be best to return to Ossai where the Soldier Union can help guard Cheyenne and she can study at a special school.  Cheyenne meets and begins to secretly date Terrance, a trusted captain in the Soldier Union.
The story is a great YA adventure and will be a great start to the series.  My only complaint was that the story didn't go the way I wanted to it to go in the romance department but I have hope for the future books.  Caleb and Cheyenne have chemistry and are meant to be.  For some reason, I never felt a connection to Terrance.  Terrance didn't feel genuine for me to the point that I kept thinking he would betray Cheyenne.  However, there is adventure and secrets that kept me reading.  I recommend this for a YA Paranormal and look forward to the upcoming books.

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